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Capital Airport Launches AIRART Exhibition

Aimed to provide better artistic and cultural travel experience for passengers and to promote Capital Airport’s image as the nation’s cultural gateway, BCIA has partnered with China Artist Association(CAA)、Central Academy of Fine Arts(CAFA) and Beijing Film Academy(BFA) to launch a month-long AIRART exhibition in Terminal 3 recently. As the opening exhibition, AIRART unveils Capital Airport’s Art and Culture Season titled “Dream Journey”.

The first artwork AIRART showcases is Artificial Rock #46, a representative work by Chinese artist Mr. Zhan Wang. With Taihu rocks placed in traditional Chinese gardens as its prototype, the giant artificial rock made of stainless steel features glittering surface, reflecting how contemporary Chinese culture reconstructs tradition in a fast-changing society.

The following AIRART exhibitions will see more artworks by top Chinese artists, including works specifically made for BCIA by Mr. Xu Bing, former vice president of CAFA and the most internationally influential master among contemporary Chinese artists.

As a pioneering initiative combining Chinese civil aviation with the world’s top fine arts, AIRART exhibitions will present more excellent Chinese artworks to passengers in the future, developing an international exchange platform for Chinese public fine arts at China’s national gateway.