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Capital Airports Holding Company (CAH) 

Capital Airports Holding Company (CAH) is one of the world's largest airport groups. It owns or manages 47 airports in 7 provinces, municipalities or autonomous regions including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Jiangxi, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, accounting for nearly one-fifth of China's civil airports. CAH has more than 30 member companies and the total volume of assets reaches about 160 billion yuan, and the number of employees totals almost 48,000. Its business scope involves real estate, logistics, financial securities, advertising, commerce, catering and tourism, etc.

CAH Subsidiaries:
Beijing Capital International Airport Co. Ltd
Tianjin Binhai International Airport
Jiangxi Airports Group Company
Jilin Civil Airports Group Company
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Civil Airport Airports Group Co. Ltd
Heilongjiang Airports Management Group Co. Ltd
Hebei Airport Management Holding Company
Capital Airports Management Academy (Airport Management Company)
The Public Security Sub-Bureau of the Beijing Capital International Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport Hospital
Capital Airport Group retired staff service management center
Beijing Construction Project Management Center
Beijing New Airport Socialization Investment Office
China Civil Airport Construction Group Company
China Civil Aviation Engineering Consulting Company
Beijing New Airport Construction Headquarter
Beijing Capital Airport Real Estate Group Co., Ltd
China Civil Aviation Xin’gang Guaranty Co., Ltd
Beijing Capital Airport Tourism Corporation
Capital Airport VIP Service Management Co., Ltd
Beijing Capital Airport Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd
Beijing Capital Airport Advertising Co., Ltd
Beijing Capital Airport Catering Development Co., Ltd
Beijing Bowei Airport Support Co., Ltd
Beijing Aviation Ground Service Co., Ltd
Beijing Capital Airport Property Management Co., Ltd
Beijing Capital Airport Power & Energy Co., Ltd
Beijing Capital Airport Aviation Security Co., Ltd
CAH Finance Co., Ltd
Goldstate Securities Co., Ltd
CAH Airport City Development Co., Ltd
Capital Jet Co., Ltd
CAH Asset Management Co., Ltd